Women’s stories continue to resonate with Korean viewers

영화 2023-12-04 07:35:04 574

More drama series with diverse women in the lead are expected to dominate South Korean TV screens over the remainder of the year.

Several new shows last year, including “Juvenile Justice,” “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” and “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” garnered greater-than-expected attention from viewers with their strong, independent women.

This year, TV dramas with bold, no-nonsense women have proved a strong trend, as production companies and screenwriters rush to tell more stories with different women in the lead roles.

Three female-centered series -- “Strong Girl Nam-soon,” “Doona!” and “Castaway Diva” -- are on track to make the trend a mainstream feature of the Korean content industry, after sweeping the top spots on the South Korean Netflix chart for TV shows on Tuesday.




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