Gangwon Forestry Exhibition 2023 kicks off in Korea's 'forest capital'

여행 2023-12-04 07:31:32 456

The Gangwon Forestry Exhibition 2023 kicked off on Friday around Gangwon Province's Seoraksan National Park, including the areas of Sokcho, Yangyang, Goseong and Yanggu. Under the theme of “Seeking the Future of the World and Mankind in the Forest,” the exposition showcases the strong connections between the forest and humanity.

The GFE 2023 is the first forestry exposition in Korea. It includes diverse exhibitions, performances and academic conferences related to forestry. The exhibition began its 31-day run with an opening ceremony at the Goseong World Jamboree Training Center, the event's main venue in Goseong, Gangwon Province.

Officials including Gangwon Province Governor Kim Jin-tae, Korea Forest Service Minister Nam Sung-hyun and mayors of Sokcho, Yangyang, Goseong and Yanggu attended the ceremony. Herald Corp. Chairperson Jung Won-ju, The Korea Herald CEO Choi Jin-young and ambassadors from 21 countries also participated.

“Forests cover 63 percent of South Korean territory, and 82 percent of Gangwon Province is forest, making the province the South Korean capital of forests,” Korea Forest Service Minister Nam Sung-hyun said during the opening ceremony.




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